2006 Club Car Carryall Turf Slow Like In Limp Mode

Discussion in 'Club Car Electric' started by Zman, Dec 26, 2018.

  1. Zman

    Zman Member

    2006 Club Car Carryall Turf, runs slow like in limp mode. It has a circuit breaker open code and a relays DNC code. Circuit breaker is new and has continuity. Need help with relay, cannot find a diagram that shows control circuit for relay.
  2. Diode

    Diode Cartaholic - V.I.P.

    Is this a series Cart
    And what does DNC stand for
  3. Zman

    Zman Member

    I figured it out, There was a sonic weld in the harness that moisture had increase the resistance to a point voltage was low.
  4. bogman

    bogman Member

    Democratic National Committee or Does Not Compute or ……………………..anybody?:naughty::cool::waiting:
  5. Zman

    Zman Member

    Did Not Close maybe.

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