2009 48 Volt Ruff & Tuff Will Not Maintain Speed

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers Electric' started by Bil Hulse, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. Bil Hulse

    Bil Hulse New Member

    2009 Ruff & Tuff will not maintain speed. It is a street legal 48 volt and will do 20-25 mph, it will start out fine for 40-50 feet then slows to a crawl. Here is what i have so far. All batteries are between 8.49 and 8.55 volts{6@ 8 volts}I have 50.3 volt total and 49.8 with a load applied{accelerator engaged}the solenoid reads 0 ohms with selector in neutral and with selector in foward and load applied. could it be the accelerator sensor or something else. any help would be great....Thanks
  2. Bodein1982

    Bodein1982 New Member

    Did you find the problem with your cart ? I have the situation where when you press the accel the selonoid contacts close and the motor starts to move the cart in whatever direction selected ,o then instead of picking up,speed or torque it causes the selonoid to kick out or cut voltage to the motor shut down cart . Let off accel it resets and selonoid contacts close again when pedal is moved and power is supplied to motor right when it starts to move it clicks out and stops, will stay demagnetized until pedal returns to resting position.
  3. Bodein1982

    Bodein1982 New Member

    I would like to have a troubleshooting flowchart that has the wiring schematic as well as listing all the components , their purpose , location , input signal to trigger normal sequence of operation and testing procedure to identify faulty component or diagnose performance issues. Its so much easier to work on and fix things when you have the information and education that allows you to systematically inspect and test in real time all the component parameters for normal functions to pinpoint the exact cause of what is compromising normal operation and performance

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