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    I was at the track last night & the owner came over & asked if there was a way to get more speed from the tracks electric carts. They have five of them. All Club Cars Precedents. Off the bat I told him to up grade his battery @ motor cables. Anyone know of a safe speed chip for that year club car..
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    It depends on what speed setting the controllers are set at now.

    Diode may be able to help him out.
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    Rod I was hoping that one of the sponsors would step up. Thanks anyway !! You know as well as I do no one will replay. That's ok !!!! [​IMG] I am who I am .
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    theres not much ypou can do with the pres... theres a magnic that they sell to put on the motor and it makes the controller read differnt and gives it more speed...
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    Ah, the good old days. Back when Ronnie and Randy tried to spell
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