36 Volt EZGO PDS AC Conversion Package

Discussion in 'EZGO Electric' started by Diode, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. Diode

    Diode Contributor

    FSIP has 16 36 volt AC conversion packages for the EZGO PDS golf carts that there trying to dump @ 1200.00 each complete navitas controller, motor and harness adapter.

    Let me know if interristed Im not making any money this is cost.
  2. What's a 36V AC conversion package?
  3. Diode

    Diode Contributor

    Its the new thing AC drive system rather than DC, Much better torque and speed with a 3 phase AC motor no brushes and uses less energy than a DC system
  4. And people will end up killing themselves with 75A of 36V AC flowing across their hands.. lol
  5. Diode

    Diode Contributor

    yea well the same debate happened 100 years ago with Tesla and Edison look who won, its the direction every mfg is going like it or not.
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  6. No debate, just stating a likely outcome. I wonder what kind of death toll there is on CRT flyback discharges? :D
  7. Diode

    Diode Contributor

    Not many what idiot would open the back of a old tv while its on or off for a few hours (oh that would be me ouch) I may have an old screwdriver with a half missing tip used for discharge still lying around.

    You may get 1/3 to 1/2 more distance out of a charge
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  8. Diode

    Diode Contributor

    Not sure I can get the deal now they advertised them for 1800.00 on their web site
  9. HotRodCarts

    HotRodCarts Cartaholic

    $1200 was a very good deal considering you get everything you need to convert AC.
  10. Diode

    Diode Contributor

    Yes it was I’ve seen them in the $2800 range the only problem is they wanted me to buy all 16 and I don’t do anything with ezgo if there was enough interest I would’ve done it.

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