700 amp speed controller

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  1. Tha_Rooster

    Tha_Rooster Advanced Member

    700 Continuous amp Speed Controller for Club Car 1995-2005

    BU# CPCCSP10

    Stats- Continous 700amp speed controller.

    Review- WOW, that makes a good difference in torque. This will sure give you the extra umph you want.


    8/10 rating
  2. Tedh

    Tedh New Member

    I was thinking of getting that controller. I was looking at it on BU's website and didn't see who it was made by.

    Do you happen to know the manufacturer?

  3. Tha_Rooster

    Tha_Rooster Advanced Member

    I am thinking they are Curtis. If your ordering from BU I would recommend calling to place your order you can sometimes get shipping cheaper. Then also you can ask the sells person who the manufactor is. But off the top of my head I would say Curtis.
  4. Tha_Rooster

    Tha_Rooster Advanced Member

    I finally put the controller through a clamp meter test. When they say 700 amp they mean it. When ever the motor really calls for the power the controller gives it to it and holds it at 700 amps till the stress is lowered again.

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