'74 HD seized. Warning: Dodgy wrist pin circlips fall out... Bugger!

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers Gas' started by HDcashcow, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. HDcashcow

    HDcashcow New Member

    G'day all,
    Noob to the forum. Noob to Harley Davidson golf carts. Bought one recently. Couldn't resist it.

    Old owner rebuilt the top end with a complete cylinder kit, clutch overhaul etc.

    Ran fine until a piston wrist pin circlip fell out and chewed the piston/rings, gauged the cylinder wall and seized the crank

    Upon inspection, the remaining circlip clearly doesn't fit well. Barely retained in it groove. Not expanding enough to even seat fully.

    My guess is the kit he bought was put together cheaply. With little consideration to correct fitting and or type wrist pin circlips.

    Will disassemble the crank cases to inspect asap.

    Just hope theres no real bottom end damage.

    Guess I'll be up for another rebuild kit plus any bottom end seals and possibly bearings whilst there.

    One thing I will be doing is buying my own circlips that fit and of good quality. Not just some cheap crap in the kits that look like it'll do the job sort of

    Will post up pics soon.


  2. HotRodCarts

    HotRodCarts Cartaholic

    Well that really sucks. Any idea where the rebuild kit was purchased? Could they have possibly been damaged while installing them?
  3. HDcashcow

    HDcashcow New Member

    Hi HRC,

    Yeah, bit of a kick in the guts.

    I'm calling his mate who sourced all his parts. Will find out what I can.

    I have zero recourse with the seller or his mate, but if the kit is fatally flawed due to incorrect circlips I'll see what the original suppliers attitude is.

    At least, I may prevent someone else blindly installing dodgy circlips, presuming what's supplied is correct fit.

    These don't look anything like ones used on my dirtbikes. These are flimsy and not even close to correct size
  4. HotRodCarts

    HotRodCarts Cartaholic

    OK let us know if/when you find out where the kit came from.
  5. HDcashcow

    HDcashcow New Member

    Un-seized the bottom end
    Flushed the debris out. Good to go.

    Found damage in the primary clutch. So much for the previous owners 'clutch overhaul' he said he'd done :blah:
    Snapped off brass wear strip, two screw heads snapped and a feeble attempt to drill them out. Glue was used to secure brass strips instead. No oil in there. Dry as a nuns nasty.
    Some people shouldn't own tools :eek:

    *Decision- Just buy or make a replacement brass strip, fit new seals and keep it going (under $40) or buy a new clutch kit $330 and be done with it.

    Now just trying to get an order together.

    Needing shipping to Australia so would like to have one order, but doesn't look like I can get everything from a one stop shop.

    Amazing how much variation in price there is for the cylinder rebuild kits.
    - As low as USD$148 but out of stock
    Buggies unlimited.

    - Often around USD$200-$220
    Vintage Golf Cart Parts.

    - Up to USD$280+
    Who cares, rip offs.

    Bloody 50ยข dodgy circlips ... :usa::censored:
  6. HDcashcow

    HDcashcow New Member

    buggies unlimited replied.
    cheapest rebuild kit but they want $199USD ($265AUD) for postage wtf!
  7. HotRodCarts

    HotRodCarts Cartaholic

    Try Everything Carts to see what the shipping will be. I have a feeling it's going to be high to ship the part to Australia no matter where you get them from.
  8. HDcashcow

    HDcashcow New Member

    Had the cylinder bored and bought an oversized piston rebuild kit

    Decided to go ahead and order some new gaskets, air filter, rear shock absorber etc.

    Is it possible to get postage OS from buggies unlimited for approximately the actual economy USPS air mail?

    Their website shows postage being determined by price of items ? Weird!

    Another option is use their US free postage, then get a relative in the US to post the parcel to me. Cost would be about half or less
  9. HotRodCarts

    HotRodCarts Cartaholic

    If you can have the parts shipped to family or a friend in the US then shipped to you would be your best bet I would think.

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