Anyone else tried the 600A/1200A Heavy duty solenoid?

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  1. bgoodbuggies

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    I recently upgraded 400a solenoid on my cart. It burned up after 2 years. I have 48v series EZGO TXT cart with 700 amp Curtis controller. I decided to try a bigger solenoid. It was very hard finding one. It is very similar to my 400 amp solenoid but much larger. It has 1/2" terminal lugs so I had to get 2 new cables with 1/2" lugs on the solenoid end. The 400 amp solenoid had 3/8" lugs. It is much more beefier and the audible "click" is much louder I guess due to larger contactor.
  2. HotRodCarts

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    I've always had good luck with the White Rodgers 586 solenoids. I've never had one fail. :twocents:
  3. Diode

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    I would like to know what failed on the 400 amp solenoid
  4. bgoodbuggies

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    The coils that activate solenoid. It kept getting hot and would start smoking. The cylinder area where the coils were was getting hot. After gettin really hot and smoking you would have to let the cart sit for a few minutes and then it would go a while longer and finally it quit completely. upon dissassembly, the entire coil area was melted to the point that you couldn't even remove them from the cylinder area. It was the MZJ-400A solenoid. I have since replaced with the MZJ-600A solenoid and it's no longer getting hot and cart is running fine. I feel like the bigger 1/2" lugs and bigger size will handle a lot more current. I have 22.5" tires, 700 amp curtis controller, and 2ga wire.

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