Building a Lifted EZGO Shuttle 6. Need Help With 35 HP Briggs Install

Discussion in 'Lifted Golf Carts' started by roccoga, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. roccoga

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    Hi guys i have been building a EZGO Shuttle 6 for my son. It has 12" front lift jakes long travel a-arm and spindle. Custom rear 3 link with coilovers and vegas carts cradle for 23 hp briggs. it sits on 29.5 swamp lite tires. Im ready to pull trigger on engine and figured why not the 35 hp vanguard. Has anyone done this swap or know of anybody? I'm looking for some advise. Thank you Rocco

    tear down
    IMG_6408.JPG IMG_6660.JPG IMG_6718.JPG

    getting there! This is my first golf cart build

    starting to mock up

    family having fun

    I think he likes it!

    frankie wants to take a ride!
    IMG_6924.JPG fullsizeoutput_71f.jpeg

    new cowl
    IMG_6806.JPG IMG_6847.JPG

    wife priming after sand blast, looking good
    IMG_6866.JPG IMG_6882.JPG

    gloss black. she did a great job

    wheels and tires

    just right
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  2. roccoga

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    the wife is even happy!!! until the engine?

    plenty of height for engine? please any help would be great. I just want to know if it will fit? Sorry for bad grammar and all photos.Hope you like them.Thank You Rocco
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  3. HotRodCarts

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    Nice pictures and cart thanks for posting them. Just so you know you can add more than 1 picture per post. I'll clean it up after you're done posting the pictures. :thumbsup:
  4. roccoga

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    Thank You. Im new to this posting thing.Any advise would be great. Thank you again
  5. roccoga

    roccoga Member

    Thats all pics for now till i figure out engine.
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  6. HotRodCarts

    HotRodCarts Cartaholic

    Definitely a nice build. It's nice to see your family pitching in and enjoying doing the work. :cool:
  7. roccoga

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    thank you. i am a very lucky man. we do things together. Its all for them anyhow
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    As far as the 35 HP Briggs goes engine there's a few threads out here from guys that have used them. Once member @Nubs sees your post I'm sure he can help you out with the information you'll need on the engine.
  9. roccoga

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    thank you. glad to have found this site
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  10. Nubs

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    Like this.



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  11. Nubs

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    It is a bit taller than the 23hp Vanguard
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  12. Bass Hole

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    Awesome job on the EZGO Shuttle.
  13. roccoga

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    Thanks for pics. Now I know it will fit. Do you happen to know shaft size and what clutch you used? I see I can get a 1 1/8 by 4 and maybe have my commit clutch bored to 1 1/8 from 1 Thank you for your help
  14. roccoga

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    thanks bass hole
  15. roccoga

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    here is when she was a twinkle in my eye!! a good gentleman gave it to me. Thanks again

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  16. roccoga

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    one man trash is another mans treasure! thats how i got your mom:naughty:
  17. HotRodCarts

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    I believe the 35 HP Briggs Vanguard has a 1-1/8” diameter shaft and a .1/4” keyway or a 1 7/16" shaft depending on the model.
  18. Nubs

    Nubs Cartaholic

    Sorry lot goin' on here with winter commin and all.
    The one in the picture had a generator tapered PTO that i turned down to 1", the clutch was a factory EZGO. turned a tapered bushing to fit the two.

    HRC is right on with the PTO Dia. i've had a few 40hp with 1-1/2 also
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  19. roccoga

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    thanks for your reply's guys. i have one saved on eBay that is 1 1/8 x 3" 1/4 keyway this is the one i am thinking. thanks again for helping

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  20. Nubs

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    What does this vegas carts cradle look like, All Sports makes a nice heavy duty cradle.

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