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Discussion in 'Club Car Electric' started by Papas 73Dart, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Papas 73Dart

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    I am looking at a 2007 Club Car Precedent 48 volt golf cart with new batteries that starts and stops. The owner just put in new batteries thinking that this would solve the problem BUT NO. The cart will go about 50 feet the just cuts out in either direction and once you try a couple of times its quits even quicker.
    I managed to borrow a scan tool and it had main drop out and main coil fault along with low battery voltage in fault memory. When I clear fault codes and try moving the cart nothing comes up in current faults but the previous three show up in history faults.
    In monitor mode the battery voltage goes from 50.4 v to as low as 2.1 v when pedal is depressed just as the cart lurches and then quits
    Any ideas of what to test
    I have checked all connections to see if anything is loose or corroded but all were good
  2. Diode

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    I will certainly check that solenoid
  3. Papas 73Dart

    Papas 73Dart New Member

    Thanks going the to do some testing this afternoon
  4. Papas 73Dart

    Papas 73Dart New Member

    Stupid solenoid past the tests in service manual but still didn't keep working. Found a donor cart and swapped out solenoid and cart worked fine.
    When I took out the faulty solenoid you could detect that electrical smell
    So thanks for your help
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