Comparing Buying New To Modifying the Old Golf Carts

Discussion in 'Lifted Golf Carts' started by Nfrock, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Nfrock

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    I am out for opinions on comparing buying new to modifying the old golf Carts. I just picked up a 95 EZGO Medalist golf cart for $1200 from a friend. Turns out I had to put new batteries into it. I am now already into it for $1800+. I want to make several mods and change the look. Lift kit, wheels, body kit, rear seat kit, top, and so on. So far I have a wish list of $3300. Is it worth putting that kind of money into an old cart? I went to a local dealer to price out parts and they tried to push me into a newer cart with all the mods done. Kept telling me I would never get more than 2k resale value solely because of the year. I'm not looking to mod it and then sell it. Looking for a neat project and have something to play with? Thought?
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    I say if you like the 95 Medalist and it doesn't have anything major wrong with it then I'd go for it unless the dealer was giving me a SUPER good price on a new one.
    Another thing is you may want to do some pricing on your parts somewhere other than the dealer. Click the sponsor tab at the top of the forum and check Allsports for your lift kit, back seat. Then do some pricing on the other parts you want from all of the sponsors here or wherever you prefer. For your lift kit I would definitely go with Allsports.
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    I just sold that same cart with lights & rear seat 3 year old batteries no lift . 2500. I like the older carts cause they are bulletproof. If the body is clean & all the parts are there then you have a great project. Build it right & your investment will stand. Not many of them carts are still left around here. I say build it out & enjoy your classic.
  4. @Nfrock

    If you're going to flip the cart in the future, then I would suggest buying a newer one (on craigslist) and modding it, as the newer model years fetch higher resale with mods. But if you are planning on keeping the cart with your wishlist of items installed... I agree with @HotRodCarts and @GarageBuilt ... keep the 95' (if it runs right now that you did batteries).

    For your mods needs; give us a call at 844-422-7884 and ask for Spencer or Mike. Or feel free to check out all of our golf cart accessories (wheels, tires, lift kits, rear seats, tops, etc.) on our website. We will match prices on anything and carry all brands (even if something isn't listed on the site).

    No one beats our pricing ($268.95 + free shipping + no tax + includes free grab safety bar).

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  6. Nfrock

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    Ok so I have my cart all moded out. Cant believe the transformation. I will post some pictures soon. The steering is ever so slightly loose and has been since before I started the mod. I probably should have messed with tightening it up before I put it all back together but I was in a hurry. The large center bolt seems tight but the entire connect from gear box to the arm has some wiggle. I try to put a big wrench on the nut and turn it but it just wants to turn the wheels and all. Is there any adjustment to this movement or should I just get a new gear box?
  7. HotRodCarts

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    There's bushings in the steering box that wear out and that's probably where the play is coming from. You can buy replacement bushings.
    There's a EZGO steering box diagram in the EZGO Resource section of the forum.

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