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Discussion in 'Other Hobbies' started by Clayboy, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. Clayboy

    Clayboy New Member

    OK Guys, Good morning. Got at 2am to get some Super Bowl pig on the smoker. Got 3 10 lb. pork butts on and all is looking good. It's about 25 degrees and light snow here, so keeping the smoker up to temp will be fun.

    I will keep you posted on how things are going. This will be about a 12 hour smoke session, so I gota stay close to keep an eye on everything. See ya in a few hours.
  2. Clayboy

    Clayboy New Member

    2 hours into the cooking and all is going well. You can see the crust is starting to form on the one to the left. I will have to watch that one very close. I am useing lump charcoal and wild cherry wood. The smell is already starving me to death.
  3. Clayboy

    Clayboy New Member

    6 hours and still going. Internal temps are up to 170 degrees ( got to get 195 ). Starting to get really hungary around here! :D
  4. WW

    WW New Member

    Your pictures are making me hungry just looking at them.
  5. HotRodCarts

    HotRodCarts Cartaholic

    What time should we be there? LOL... Sure is looking good! I can almost smell it.
  6. Clayboy

    Clayboy New Member

    After 9 hours the one on the left got done a little early so it had to come off. Letting it rest before I pull it apart. These 2 will have to go on by themselves for a bit longer.

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