Curious if anyone has installed high speed gears

Discussion in 'Club Car Driver's Club' started by Aaron Marchant, Jul 21, 2017.

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    Aaron's thread,, sorry about that.
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    Gornoman your such an ass.... If your going to copy & paste what i say ... then copy all of the post. Not just what you want to trying to start trouble. I didn't say that a torque & speed motor couldn't be built. So go back & try really really hard to what I really said. I know it's going hurt but think really hard. I just know you can do it...

    Aaron there is several ways to gain both speed & torque. But unfortunately none of them are cheap. The cheapest way is to replace both your motor & battery cables with a heavier gauge wire . After that it gets complicated. To get more performance from any electric motor you need two things . Amps & voltage. Raise the amps or voltage or both. We would used to run high speed gears with a high amp controller. The gears would give you speed & the amps would give you the power. yes you can buy a speed & torque motor. But with out raising the amps you wouldn't be happy spending the money on just the motor.
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    OK now that everyone has had their say lets stick to helping Aaron in his thread if he hasn't already decided to search elsewhere for help and advice. :hattip:

    Thanks for the input GB.

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