EZGO Marathon Suddenly Stopped Working

Discussion in 'EZGO Electric' started by mommascart, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. mommascart

    mommascart New Member

    My family uses the golf cart every day, it is very important to me. Thanks in advance for any help.

    1981 marathon Textron 575081 Curtis controller

    It just suddenly stopped working.

    I have fully charged batteries and have full power going through the two small connectors on the solenoid when the peddle is pushed and click is heard (forward and reverse). The diodes appear to be connected and in good order (have not done any further investigation on them. I have verified the motor works with a jumper box. I verified all of the wires were wired properly. I dropped it off at my golf cart guy who told me he thought it was the controller. I purchased a new controller Curtis 1204-027 PMC 24v/36v 275Amp. Its not an exact match as there are two additional connecting spots. a four prong white plastic female connector and a single male connector (see attached pictures Curtis I and Curtis II respectively). The third picture is of my old one after I tore it apart to see if I could find anything burnt and then glued it to re-seal (hack job).

    Can anyone advise if the controller not being an exact match is likely the issue and, if so, is there a way to make this controller work on this machine?

    Any other ideas...need more information?

    Thanks again,


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  2. Drich0801

    Drich0801 New Member

    Did you check the pot for the go pedal were they connect to the controller. Should start at 0 ohms to approximately 5 ohms.
  3. mommascart

    mommascart New Member

    I just tried that and got 30 until pushing the peddle at which point it went to .5 ohms and down to 0 ohms when the peddle was all the way down.

    Sounds like I could use a new one. I'll see if I can source one and loop back with the results.

    Thanks Drich
  4. mommascart

    mommascart New Member

    Well I got a used one and bench tested my old one and the new one. I guess I was testing ohms on the wrong two locations. I was testing on the two screws on top instead of the two leads that enter the controller. Both the old and new used pots tested .5 at click and then progressed up to just under 4.0 at about half rotation - then it showed OF.

    I tend to think this means they are both good...but I could order a new one if this is the most suspicious part.

    Just trying to determine where to go from here.
  5. HotRodCarts

    HotRodCarts Cartaholic

    In 1981 EZGO wasn't making controller carts yet so someone must of converted yours. The potentiometer should rear O and smoothly rise to 5K at full throttle. If it loses ohms at half throttle it's bad but you may have other problems also. Is the new controller a 0-5K input?
    Welcome to the forum. :hattip:
  6. mommascart

    mommascart New Member

    I got a new pot in the mail and no luck.

    I checked ohms again on all three and the two older ones go to 7.5 and the new one goes to 5.

    Any other suggestions on what I could investigate?
  7. HotRodCarts

    HotRodCarts Cartaholic

    Try jumping the two large posts on the solenoid with a 6 gauge or heavier cable and see if it runs.
  8. mommascart

    mommascart New Member

    No change when they are jumped.

    Thanks for hanging with me HotRod.
  9. HotRodCarts

    HotRodCarts Cartaholic

    The only thing I can think of would be the controller. Jack the back of the golf cart up so rear tires are off the ground. Take your volt meter and put the positive lead on the controller B+ terminal and the ground lead on the M- controller terminal. Press the throttle to the floor and you should see full pack voltage on the meter. If you get full pack voltage the controller is bad or the wrong one for your cart.
  10. mommascart

    mommascart New Member

    I get 23.8 volts before and after the throttle is pressed. Seems the controller is not right for my cart.
  11. HotRodCarts

    HotRodCarts Cartaholic

    Like I mentioned earlier in the thread in 81 EZGO wasn't using controllers yet so at some point someone converted it. Do you happen to still have the old controller? If so what's the make and model number?
  12. mommascart

    mommascart New Member

    Old controller is 1204 - 027 reman by FSIP. This link shows Curtis controller for 89-94s:
    VintageGolfCartParts.com -

    The new one has an extra connection port and an extra post.

  13. mommascart

    mommascart New Member

    I just put the old one back on and I get full volts when throttle is pressed.

    Any thoughts?
  14. HotRodCarts

    HotRodCarts Cartaholic

    Try jumping the large posts on the solenoid again with the old controller installed.
  15. mommascart

    mommascart New Member

    I never removed the bypass wire. Still click with no go.

    Just can’t seem to determine what I’m missing.

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