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Discussion in 'EZGO Electric' started by cartboy, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. cartboy

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    I maintain a fleet of early, 2008, EZGO RXVs, and am looking for others that have had common problems with them.

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    Every manufacturer that has ever started a new model cart has had growing pains. What sort of troubles are you having? :hattip:
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    Welcome to the forum...

    I've seen several that needed the solenoid replaced. It's my understanding this was a problem with the early EZGO RXV.
    I've heard of problems with the engine braking system, state of charge meter and the factory installed batteries not lasting very long.

    What kind of problems are you seeing with the RXV?
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    I agree. The RXV was introduced in 08 and had well documented issues with the brake solenoid and some batteries failing.
    Most of the issues were taken care of by the factory and everything seems to be OK with these carts now.
    We have 2010 RXV's at my course and they have been trouble free.
    I would also say a few of the problems at different courses have been the newness of the AC system and how the cat operates as opposed to the older DC carts.
    The service company's understanding of the cart and maintenance are a big issue, if the service tech doesn't understand how it works or the carts are not maintained properly, problems will haunt any cart.
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  6. cartboy

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    Thanks. :hattip:

    Pretty much what y'all have acknowledged. It's still going on. But, it's reassuring to get some confirmation, and to know we are not alone.

    I played golf two days ago and the cart I unplugged first was totally dead. Then, the one I took died on the 10th hole.

    First year, solenoid failure/autobrake lockup. All solenoids were replaced. A few of them have failed.

    Now, batteries/charge quality is the big problem. Some regularly die during the first 18. Some won't accept a charge, just keep flipping chargers to flashing red.

    Some battery terminals and cable connectors are heavily corroded and "dissolved".

    The original battery autofill system that came with the carts was not reliable. A few cells were not getting filled. But, I can't blame the problems on that.

    Dealer promised to put in the new software to extend range/limp mode point, but hasn't yet. Generally speaking, response has been reluctant to acknowledge problems in general with early RXVs and slow to respond. It took a couple of big months of autobrake failures in the 2009 season to get them replaced, and no response at all concerning the battery issue we are now having.

    We are at 2 1/2 years with them, and will never make 5.

    I have had use the Internet to discover problems and solutions. I worked with a fleet of Club Cars before this and that fleet never had these problems.
  7. dougmcp

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    Here's my thoughts:

    First, solenoid failure/autobrake lockup. All solenoids were replaced. A few of them have failed.
    Just a warranty issue, if only a few have failed get them replaced and all should be good.

    Now, batteries/charge quality is the big problem. Several regularly die during the first 18. Some won't accept a charge, just keep flipping chargers to flashing red.
    What kind of batteries are they using? Trojan has had some issues with their 12v models in the past couple of years.
    Are the battery chargers bringing the batteries up to full charge?
    How do the batteries load test or hydrometer readings, any indications?
    If they are no good to start with, all the charging in the world won't help.

    Some battery terminals and cable connectors are heavily corroded and "dissolved".
    IMO, that's just poor maintenance.
  8. cartboy

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    Probably. Another EZ GO dealer playing at our course said he coats all the terminals and cable connectors with something before the carts go out the door, and his customers don't have any problems. We do what we can with what we have. We check and fill battery water at least weekly during hot months.

    He's also the one that told us about the software upgrade to extend range by lowering the limp mode point.

    But, like I said, no diagnostics to use. I've asked for that.

    With the Club Cars, I could shoot the little dash window with the handheld, and tell what was going on.
  9. cartboy

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    My message is that as I scour the Internet and try to gather information from forums, it appears that the rest of the world has moved on, dismissing the problems of early RXVs as having been corrected by E Z GO, but, we have not. We are still stuck with all early RXVs, still having the problems, and little effort is being made to help us get out from under those problems.

    We cannot operate a golf course, put out a full tee sheet in the upcoming season, with a significant portion of our carts in time out, and having to go out and replace some we put out each day. You can't replace carts that have died on the first 18 when so many are out-of-service.

    If you have ever been at a bag drop with a half-dozen tee times worth of golfers standing there, not able to go to the range or to the first tee, because carts are lined up against the wall waiting for service or because the carts they would be put in died on their first 18, you would understand.

    How did we get by on busy days last year? We rented used gas Club Cars. Think about that.
  10. dougmcp

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    Here are some points to consider:

    There's only so much hand holding a factory or service company can do. If you need a meter to analyze voltages and troubleshoot, they are available from Harbor Freight for as little as $2.99 and a hydrometer can be had for less than $6 at any automotive supply. Without these tools it's a big guessing game and finger pointing session that leads nowhere. If you can't get the golf course to finance that $10 purchase they shouldn't be in business.

    Corrosion on battery posts is due to acid on the posts and air getting to it. Any material that seals the post from the air will work, be it vaseline, axle grease or any of the spray-on terminal protectors that you can buy at auto stores.

    I would doubt that any software updates will change the operational outcome of your carts, it may extend the operation but won't fix your problems.

    To me, maintenance is a key to successful fleet operations and if you have to rent carts because yours are not working, it seems to me that the golf course is in need of a service company that can look after carts for them.
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    I've only worked on a few EZGO RXV carts but I've heard about the problems associated with them. I'm a BIG EZGO fan but I don't care for the RXV. They ride like a truck and they're not to eye appealing plus all the problems they're known for. I did a little review on them a couple years ago and my view hasn't changed at all on the RXV. :thumbdown:
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    Anyway, thanks for the thoughts.
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    We seem to have digressed from the OP, "Anyone else having problems with RXVs?" to "Whose fault is it we're having problems?"

    If we could, can we go back to the OP, "Anyone else having problems with RXVs?"

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    Batteries continue to fail, replaced solenoids failing. 30 or our fleet of 60 are not reliable to put out on the course.
  15. cartboy

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    Just to update this, as I have been all along on another cart forum, we were eventually able to get EZGO to take our 2008's and we got a fleet or 65 2012's.

    I won't go into the 117 batteries they replaced before they finally gave up on the 2008's, because the main point is that the solenoids still fail on the 2012's. E Z Go knows it and plans on it, because they devised a system of switching wires so you don't have to reach down through the engine compartment to pull the release lever to free locked-up auto brakes.

    Like I said, details are elsewhere.

    Sorry I had a problem sharing my experiences here.
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    So we're the "bitch" forum? :rotflmao:
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    What was the problem "sharing your experiences here"?
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