Gas Yamaha Golf Cart Won't Start

Discussion in 'Yamaha Gas' started by ellis, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. ellis

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    Hello, I have a 2007 Yamaha G20 gas golf cart. Stopped running but clicks when pedal pressed and it may even try to turn over a bit. I have a new battery and starter/gen as well as new solenoid. If I jump the battery it starts and runs.
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    Start with checking the cable connections and the ground. What type of battery did you put in it? Where did you buy the starter/generator? If it starts with a jump I'd also check the battery even though it's new it could be bad. Also check to make sure it's charging by putting a digital volt meter on the battery and with the cart running at half throttle you should be seeing about 13,5 to 14 volts at the battery. You may also have worn brushes in the starter generator.

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    Yes that’s strange...if you need to jump the battery that either means it’s too weak or dead to run the cart. I agree battery may have an issue. Good point hotrod about the voltage regulator. Check your accelerator pedal cable to make sure it’s no frayed or broken. You might also have a carburetor or fuel pump issue.
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