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    I want to get a good reliable speedometer/odometer for my Workhorse. I found this one on ebay. It looks fancy but I dont know how accurate it is and if its just a waste of money. Has anyone ever used it on their cart?
    Will a dirt bike or atv speedometer work?
  2. HotRodCarts

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    I use a hand held Garmin GPS I bought for $99.00. I bought if for using in the boat for fishing but it really comes in handy with the carts. Easy MPH test before and after mod's to any carts I may be working on. Its also helps me find my way home LOL.........
  3. BIGDAWG69

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    Same here. I have the yellow Garmin Etrex. Bought it for hunting and fishing, but it works great for the cart too.

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