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Discussion in 'Non Lifted Golf Carts' started by gornoman, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Poolguy74

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    Gorno This is what I am wanting to do to my 05pds 500 amp alltrax I under stand the charging part and battery wiring What I cant figure out is how you are only caring 36v thru the stock solenoid and switches and getting 48 to the motor. If you can explain this it would help me greatly. I was about to convert everything to 48v to accomplish the same outcome.
  2. gornoman

    gornoman Cartaholic

    When I moved the factory positive charger wire upstream into the pack to the third battery. it maintained the rest of the control circuits at 36v reference, instead of a 48v reference. The entire 48v pack goes through the secondary of the solenoid, F/R switch, and the controller.
  3. Poolguy74

    Poolguy74 New Member

    bJust was not sure if large circuit on solenoid would handle that . Thanks Gorno
  4. gornoman

    gornoman Cartaholic

    Poolguy, the solenoid will handle it. For how long, is the question. Mine has over 1 year on it, but I am finally replacing it with a HD 48v WR 586 unit this spring when the campground opens.
  5. StreetGlide

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    Gorno, some say that "to copy is the greatest form of flattery". I ordered the Evader two-tone wheels (w/Kenda 205-50-10s) and they look fabulous on my non-lifted, white Villager-4! The wife even had a nice things to say about them. She wants some larger ones on her Solara! The local dealer that got them for me had not even seen the two-tones. They are ordering some for a couple of their "spec" non-lifted custom carts.
  6. gornoman

    gornoman Cartaholic

    L&S, thanx for the flowers. You got some nice wheels there, for sure. My wife likes them too, although she was mad as snot when they were delivered, LOL!

    The pix were cross-linked to the BU forum. Looks like they cleaned house over there, and the Cart of the Month threads are all gone. I will try and get them relinked. Good luck with your build!
  7. gornoman

    gornoman Cartaholic

    Picture links restored, thanx HRC!

    I need to post up some of the latest pix. I will ASAP.
  8. StreetGlide

    StreetGlide New Member

    Nice pics.
  9. Pimp Daddy

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    That is one of the sharpest carts I've seen on any site [​IMG] .The attention to details really stands out.While it is beautiful on the outside, I love the shot of the "business area" under the seat.The craftsmanship really stands out in this area. [​IMG]
  10. johnny9

    johnny9 New Member

    glad the pics are back,i have been looking for them and they wernt there...very nice cart i will add as i
    love the color and the black top is sweet..the speaker set up is awesome,and you definitly do some nice clean work.
    and now you got me thinking about putting my top and brakets back on my cart just for the stereo and speakers..
    but i cant as i would tear it off in the woods with my cart useage..guess i have to stick w/the mp3 player
    for now,haha..beautiful looking area you live also,john
  11. gornoman

    gornoman Cartaholic

    Original stock 36v solenoid worked fine for over a year:

    New 48v HD WR586 solenoid needed some field modification to fit the mount points on the Alltrax:

    No problem:

    Still need a new pre-charge resisitor and diode, but it woks great like this:

    And the reason for this latest round of changes, a real 48v charger:

    Got this baby from a forum member for $200 and sold my 36v PowerWise for the same amount. Sweet deal for everyone involved.
  12. StreetGlide

    StreetGlide New Member


    I like the bag-well re-do!
  13. HotRodCarts

    HotRodCarts Cartaholic

    Looking good Gorno... Keep us updated on how the Energizer batteries work out...
  14. gornoman

    gornoman Cartaholic

    I sure will, HRC. I got 7 years out of the last set, and I found out they were Crown batteries (not the best reputation). If anyone can get the most out of a pack, I think it's me, LOL.
  15. DrUnKeN_TiGeR

    DrUnKeN_TiGeR New Member

    Gorono im thinging about upgrading my 36v to 48v i know i need 2 more 6v's but heres my question can i add them on the back end of my series and use the chargeing port and an additional 12v charger without having to undo any wires when i charge my batteries hope i am making sence??

    BTW sweet ride man looks great wish there were more how to mod pages on the net im trying to find a way to build a homemade lift kit for my yamaha electric G1
  16. gornoman

    gornoman Cartaholic

    DT, go back to page 2 of this thread for my description of the technique I used.
  17. JRay

    JRay Cartaholic

    Nice upgrade. you will get 7 years easy on those. A lot of folks run them in my area. A set i have in a 88 cart are still going strong 5- 03 batterys. My yellow cart has 02 trojans and they are about done, and i take good care of them. Nothing like having a fresh pack. [​IMG]
  18. Batman

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    I like the nice neat wiring. [​IMG] Nice work!
  19. Pimp Daddy

    Pimp Daddy Cartaholic - R.I.P.

    Hey G'Man,
    Any updates on the Z06? Just askin'
  20. Nubs

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