How to Increase Club Car DS Electric Golf Cart Speed

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    Hi all. I am new to this forum, I'm usually on Swedespeed helping people about with their S60Rs. But anyways, we own a 2007 Club Car DS Electric golf cart and looking for information on how to increase the speed. I recently replaced a bleeding shock and cleaned/filled the batteries. I work on my S60R only and I'm quickly learning how the Club Car is assembled; a lot easier than I thought! I actually got a small 12v LED flood light too which I installed on the front plastic crash bar to use instead of the headlights at night, little sucker is as bright as a welder! I even got a switch for it next to the gear selector and an inline fuse, maybe I can post how I did it, I combined some easily accessible auto parts for it.

    But anyway the speed sensor went out which caused the car to perpetually go into limp mode. I have a new one coming in the mail but I was wondering if you guys have some trick to make these electric carts go faster? Any type of tricking the system into thinking it's going slower than actual?

    It top outs at a certain speed then the computer slows it down to a constant speed no matter how much I stand on the pedal, I'm sure you guys know the game.

    Thanks to any/all help!
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    Talk to member Diode. He can hook you up.

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