Madjax Golf Cart Storage Cover Review

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  1. HotRodCarts

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    Madjax Golf Cart Storage Cover Review:

    I bought 2 Madjax storage covers in June of this year and both of them are falling apart already. They pretty much turned into dust from the sun. I've used other brand covers and usually get at least 2-5 seasons out of them. The Madjax covers are junk and I would advise not wasting your money on them. :twocents:

    I've never used any other products made by Madjax but if their other golf cart accessories are anything like their golf cart covers I'd steer clear.
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  2. dirtysouth

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    Mad Jax is all cheap Chinese. They don't even attempt to be good.
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  3. HotRodCarts

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    I don't know what material the Madjax covers are made out of but in 3 months they both turned in to powder. :rotflmao:
    I'll never buy anything made by them again. :no:
  4. Nubs

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    Southland Custom Golf Carts has been using all of the Madjax products on there flooded carts going on a year now.
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  5. JRay

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    Beware of that china JUNK. It is not worth it.
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  6. Roy Gurley

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    I agree! JRay!
  7. dirtysouth

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    Sad thing is we don't have a choice on certain things.

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