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    IAMCOOL New Member

    just to start the first topic here... i had a melex..... didnt like it


    i like melex. arent they like ezgo?
  3. wildthing

    wildthing New Member

    i have an old old melex 1964 electric three wheeler and it still runs
  4. Batman

    Batman Member

    We want pics!!!! [​IMG]
  5. wildthing

    wildthing New Member

    i will get some saturday and get them posted it is at the campground we will be going down there saturday to check on things cant wait it opens for camping april 15
  6. kogieblack

    kogieblack New Member

    I like my Melex!

    If you want power which it does not have, buy a bigger engine like a Honda 16hp.

    Reason why I like it? YOu don't have to buy a lift kit to achieve a lift. Just buy bigger rims and tires. The clearance is such that it can take in a rim 15" .

    It has a wider track! At least an inch wider.

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