mirrors to buy or not to buy

Discussion in 'Golf Cart Reviews Product Reviews & Links' started by wheelchairman, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. wheelchairman

    wheelchairman ProHauler!



    1. they wobble
    2.they dont clean
    3. you adjust they unadjust
    4 look at them wrong and they break

    only 2 good things good visability and they brake above the bracket so it doesnt rip your body

    I will edit in the future with a pic of what i mean

    IMHO 45 bucks wasted on these they stayed on for a month or 2 and I hated them soo much i didnt even try to warranty them
  2. BIGDAWG69

    BIGDAWG69 New Member

    I have one of the 5 panel Wink mirrors. Its great. No wobble, large field of view, and only around $20 at most part stores.
  3. spriddle

    spriddle Post Decoder

    I have one these also. Vibrates a little but works great otherwise.
  4. Tha_Rooster

    Tha_Rooster Advanced Member

    No problems at all with mine so far.
  5. club car man

    club car man Advanced Member

    Rooster, do those act good as a rear view mirror, or are there a lot of blind spots?
  6. Tha_Rooster

    Tha_Rooster Advanced Member

    When I remember I have them they work good. But I keep forgetting to look up.

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