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    Well I have been digging into the plum quick race motors just like I said I would two years ago... I was hoping to find some trade secrets... But what I found was the biggest secret of all, stock motors right off the self with no more done to them than a paint job & a handle welded on it.. They didn't even take the time to mask off of the insides... Now tell me is this what one would expect from plum quick... Now go to their website & read what they have to say about their red racing motor...

    [[[[[[[[[[Red motors are high performance and heavy duty Series custom built motors for superior performance (double high speed banding, high speed balancing, and vented when acceptable).]]]]]]]]] quote unquote...

    Custom built ..... By who ??????

    Double high speed banding... You mean like this rebuilt one that I put in my motors

    The armature on the right goes to the red can at the top... The one on the left is mine... Not only has it ben double banded it has also had a hot oil dip treatment done to it for more extreme rpms...

    The armature on the right will also show the you their high speed balancing trick that the do.... And now brings us to the vented part when acceptable... Not vented motor.

    And of course the vent....
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    see, i can't understand why guys like essness, gorno N classycarts would want to come over here to stir the pot and drag up plum quicks deceptions :dazed: the company will be on life support before long. maybe essness can work some international sales magic for em'... :rotflmao:

    You know, the one shell to another deal

    :twocents: of coarse:hattip: :usa:
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    Guys I bought this motor from Robby two years back... It only had two runs on it at the time it came a part...

    Ok no big deal thats the chance you take.... Robby said I over turned the motor...Two many rpms... At the time I had no reason to doubt him... I sent the motor out to have it rebuilt.... Blew it up the following weekend... Three times this motor was rebuilt & three times I blew it... The forth time I was told to junk it....

    By sheer accident I found what I know to be causing all the blow ups....I have been playing with these motors for a while now.... I don't claim to be an expert on dc motors.. I started out just trying to fix what I thought was the weak points.

    Look real close at the Red plum quick can..... Have you ever looked so hard for something just to have it right in front of your face..... Took me two years & waste of good money.... But......

    Plum Quick put eight 1/2 inch drilled holes thru the can of the motor .... The can also has 10 welds hot enough to have heat marks on a few of them on the inside.. This can is so egg out of round the cylindricity will not allow the armature to spin freely... I told Robby just the other day this motor never had a chance....

    Now, I under stand not having a warranty due to usage... But not to give a warranty for engineering development & workmanship....

    Robby is aware of my claim but with his hollywood attitude chose not to discuss it ... Just keep saying to many rpms... More like at the right rpm the armature would bounce off the field coils...
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    Now lets talk rpms... The motors can turn 10-11 K.... Not all day & not up & down the street but for the 1/8 mile piece of cake .Ok so whats is two many rpms... I'm only turning about 8-K with my set up thats in my cart..... 144-volts.... That's double the rpms that my P/Q motor turned loose at.... Twice * both times on 72-volts... It wasn't till the third rebuild That I hit it with over 150 plus closer to 190 volts... Just like the first two times it also game apart...... But hey !!!! That's what I do... I live & learn....

    Plus from the time it first blew I only had 72-volts of batteries after blowing my lithium pack in pageland....

    Come on Robby lets talk about this.... Its funny cause at the time I bought the motor from you we were buds....

    For you guys that don't believe a word I say and are sitting on a red racing motor from P/Q.... Take it off your cart & down to your local alternator shop... Are to any electric motor shop..... Let them tell ya... Are better yet some one flat out ask him over on BGW.... Is stock are is it memorex.....

    Well there ya have it.. Now its robbys turn to step up to the soap box.... :hattip:
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    is this why they pulled their forum down? Was actually going to go with one of their motors. What else is good/proven out there? Street legal CC IQ - looking to go 30+ if possible
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    This is a series wound motor.. I cant honestly speak of their others motors... But we have a motor sponsor here... D&D motor systems 315-701-0635..... They can hook ya up....
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    Welcome to the forum :hattip: :usa:
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    Thanks for info and the welcome!
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    Good morning gorno :hattip: lookin' over some of your handy work hey.
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    was over on BGW tonight them guys sure messing with GB and Nubs over there :dazed:
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    and thats why they get a beating over here, they got no balls to let us in yet they run over here anytime they want. just watch em', they'll run over and chuck some :censored: at the door and run off and slide under roadys skirt.
    they can say it all right here but they can't, and why! cuz they got noo.. balls :yes:
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    thanks BGW for helpin' to spread the story :hattip:
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    Kool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hattip:
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    hey just read all that ... thats some good stuff...

    Ever since the Plum Quick scandal with their red handle racing motors & the betrayal of Robbies trust between plum quick & his dedicated customers, has left them boys digging to save face... Its obvious Robby cant do it by him self so he reaches out for help... Ok lets see ..It was classycarts, Gornoman, essness.... All making fun of me.... Hey aren't these 3 guys head of the IGKRA.... The same three guys that poured the gas to the fire on Death of a race event... Oh yeah !!!! Robby was even their.... Get over it guys, just let it go.....

    And Robby.... I fell bad for you getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar... But that was all you sir...... Now you may or may not be the worlds fastest golf cart... So if you have nothing to hide... And I'm betting you do... Bring it to OP's next race.... .... We will have some fun.... Like gorno says ...... Line em up or shut your pie hole......
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    IGKRA Rules :rotflmao:
    ALL LIES :yes:

    Each event depending on the venue will be subject to slightly different rules. Prior to the event, we will inform everyone of any noteworthy rules.
    One rule that will not change from event to event is the following,
    Fighting, unsportsmanlike conduct, profane language, threatening of a association official, member or other aggressive behavior targeted at any association official, member, racer or spectator will not be tolerated.
    The " association's" Members, Drivers and Crew members shall conduct themselves according to the highest standards of behavior and sportsmanship, particularly in relation to other competitors and in a manner that will not harm the "reputation" of the "association". Each driver is responsible for themselves and the actions of their crew members.
    Disciplinary action will be at the discretion of the association's management and may result in a suspension or expulsion from that "association."
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    Here is a video of what them boys keep laughing at. But when you consider that essness & grono top speed in a golf is a whopping 15 mph & Classycarts maybe 55 mph.... Its easy to see why they laugh....

    This took place in pageland two years a go.. We went for broke that night with the set up we had in the cart...... 100 -volt parallel battery pack off the line.... 200-volt series pack after the cart got rolling, & backed up with a 72-volt boost........ And Robby calls me a bench racer.... In fact he calls me a lot of names.. But what he want call me is out....

    It reminds me of a few I went too.... In Junior High School !!!!!!!!!!
    Nothing more than a pack of dogs gaining strength from each other... Real tough guys yes ...Talk :censored: about some one that cant talk back.... That seems to be the BGW way.....
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    They say robby is running 110 MPH in the 1/4 mile :dazed: the drama continues :yes:
  19. GarageBuilt

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    That's not drma S.E.R.....That's every day dreaming for them boys.....
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    it seems to me that jim jones would also lockout non believers, like sheep runnin' off a cliff i tell ya.

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