New World Speed Record for Golf Cart

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    [​IMG] what was the 1/8 mile time ?
  3. Thanks, here's the time slip and keep in mind that I'm not shooting for ET in this event.........only MPH, so the gearing is for MPH not ET. We only turned the power up to around 85% and it was a BIG handful at that, even with 80lbs. of lead on the front end. We couldn't keep the cart on the track if powered all the way.

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  4. Sorry.....forgot to mention you can get more info at our Face Book page.

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    Good stuff, Robby!! Congrats!! [​IMG]
  6. Thanks Terry and for your help my friend....... [​IMG]
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    Glad to share what I've learned about this setup! The LiPo's and the big Zilla are a whole different animal.
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    That's a little to fast for me in a cart without a well built cage and proper safety equipment. [​IMG]
  9. Hope everyone has a great day..........
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    Hope everyone has a great day..........
    I'm having a great day !!! How about you. [​IMG]
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    Great day for me, I've been out riding the bike all day. [​IMG]
  12. News coming out of FL............
    Over 144,000 views in just over two days once it hit Bleacher Report.
  13. Burnout time ..............

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    robby steen and plum quick the real story.

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    Why would you bump this . Pretty sure no ones forgot.
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    Boy does that monstrosity bring back some memories

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