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Discussion in 'Club Car Electric' started by OBX, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. OBX

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    I recently purchased a 2016 model (actually purchased on February 2017 so a year old) from orginal owner that has had little use. A couple of questions:
    1. How long should I expect the batteries to last if they are properly maintained?
    2. Recommendations for sources for replacement batteries?
    3. It is my understanding that I have a 48V which is 6 batteries that are 8 volt each. I'm totally ignorant about mechanical things but wouldn't want to put the wrong thing in it!
    4. Besides making sure the batteries are topped off with distilled water is there anything else I should do for maintenance?
    5. What kind of speed should I expect? This is converted to street legal and recently with a full charge and the windshield up and 2 passengers with a combined weight of about 370lbs I was able to get to 32mph on a level asphalt road. Is that about right?
    Appreciate the help.
  2. Nubs

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    Welcome to the Forum:hattip: I'm a gas guy I can't be much help but someone will be along soon with some answers.
  3. HotRodCarts

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    You should get 5+ years out of the batteries if maintained properly. I've seen Trojan 6 volt golf cart batteries last 10 + years depending on how much the cart is used and how well the batteries were maintained.
    I'd say you're doing good on the top speed.
  4. JimmyT1950

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    I have had my current batteries for 6-1/2 years and they still run almost as good as new. Keep up the maintenance i.e., a good charge, filed with water and clean connections and they should last a mighty long time. I use mine about 3 or 4 times a day during camping season.
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