Removing Brake Drums On a EZGO TXT

Discussion in 'EZGO Gas 4 Stroke' started by country, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. country

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    So for the first time in 1 1/2 years of removing the brake drums om a EZGO TXT I have one that is giving me a very hard time on the right side. I had to use an air hammer to get it to move the left side is refusing to come off. Any advice is welcome
  2. HotRodCarts

    HotRodCarts Cartaholic

    Did you get the nut off? Once the nut is off the brake drum should slide off. Sometimes taping the drum with a hammer while pulling it will help.
  3. golfcar2000

    golfcar2000 Cartaholic

    I welded [2] 1/2 inch bolts after barely threading them into the lug nuts so I could screw them on opposing lugs and used a bar puller to pull some difficult hubs off. Slide hammer works well to if you can connect it to the hub after of course making sure the nut is removed and brake pedal released. I usually make sure the hub rotates with the brake pedal released and if not back the adjustment back until it will rotate easily as sometimes the cable will stick and keep shoes engaged even with the brake pedal released.
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  4. Nubs

    Nubs Cartaholic

    I have used two 1/2" fine thread coupling nuts/bolts with a bar puller, had to heat few drums also. Some are crazy hard to remove on ezgo's:dazed:
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  5. HotRodCarts

    HotRodCarts Cartaholic

    I've used my axle puller/slide hammer a couple times.
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  6. country

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    I remove them all the time we have 76 carts that I maintain I eventually got mad and hit break drum with big sledge hammer and used air hammer to get it off it was seized on the axel splines I broke the break drum removing it from now on they are getting antisize on the splines

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