Side Mirrors with built in LED Directional Signals front and rear

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    I have just seen these mirrors listed on BahamasCarts website, they are under 50.00, I also saw another similarly priced on another site and would like to know if anyone has bought them and what they think of them. Quality, ease of installation, brightness of lights etc
    They seem perfect if you do not have a flashing light on your directional switch and if you have LED headlights, then the amber flashing light on the front side will show your intention of turn.
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    Let me recommend side view mirrors with direction signals built in. I have been looking around for a pair of these, but could not find anyone with any installed until yesterday, saw a pair that had a small green arrow on the driver side, and the amber side facing forward was so dim with only one LED inside for 80 bucks so I passed. I did not know the name brand because the guy at the cart place showing it to me did not know, so today I found my self at K and B Green carts on Key Biscayne and they had a pair in a box and I told him I was hoping to see them working. So the Man says no problem, opens the box, takes one out the protective wrap and says I have a 12 v battery, lets hook it up, He strips the wires back a little and WOW the drivers side is the shape of an Arrow with two bright RED rows of Led"s and the side facing forward is just as bright with four amber Leds. SO I bought it, 52.00 for the pair, the brand is Pro-Fit the part number is 11533. The install holes are the same as the regular mirrors I have installed and the wire leads are a decent size not some flimsy wires I have seen. (5 Star review)
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