Spark when I first Press the Pedal Help Please

Discussion in 'EZGO Gas 4 Stroke' started by Keith R Stromberg, Aug 8, 2018.


What have you found wrong when you only have spark when you first press pedal

  1. Igniter

  2. Coil

  3. Ground

  4. Pulser

  5. Valves

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  6. Wiring

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  1. Keith R Stromberg

    Keith R Stromberg New Member

    Have 1997 Ez-Go 4 Cycle engine.
    Using a spark tester I only get a spark when I first press the pedal. Nothing after that. So far I have checked and cleaned all grounds replaced Igniter. The previous owner removed the reverse switch. But according to the schematic it’s wired correctly. The Pulsar ohms out at 16.3 ohms. The coil ohms out at 16.5K and 122 ohms. Can anyone offer me any help?
    I use this GC to get around in the yard. Have MS and have a hard time walking. Any help is greatly appreciated. To be honest it means a lot to have some freedom to get around outside. Thanks guys
    By the way I’m a newbie
  2. Nubs

    Nubs Cartaholic

    Have you confirmed you have power to the spark plug coil and igniter when the starter is spinning?

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  3. Keith R Stromberg

    Keith R Stromberg New Member

    Have 12VDC at + side of coil the entire time It’s spinning.
    Now I haven’t checked the Red wire on the D side of solenoid to Igniter while engine is turning over. I do have 12VDC to it. But I’m not sure when it’s turning over.
    Replaced the Igniter in the beginning because I didn’t have a spark until you let off the pedal. I was told normally it’s the Igniter when that happens. That’s why I replaced it.
    Thanks so much for your help! Really appreciate it...
  4. Keith R Stromberg

    Keith R Stromberg New Member

    I’ll check that. Let you know what I find. Thanks
  5. Nubs

    Nubs Cartaholic

    I would also power the igniter right from the battery and see if it runs, are you sure there is a separate ground from the engine to the frame?
    Anything under 11.5 volts with the starter turning and the igniter most times will not work.

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