Taylor Dunn solar generator, party cart

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    1978 Taylor Dunn b248 outfitted with 1440 watts of solar panels, and a 5000 watt inverter. This cart can do it all! From lighting up your house during a power outage, or bringing 120v power to your work in the yard or simply being a party platform at Motorcycle rallies with its stripper pole!! Yep. the whole solar top comes off in 5 sections to transform it to a party cart! The party follows you at the rallies! Take a nap in the hammock after the work is done while cooling off with the 6 point misting system. Perfect for the off grid home owner, survivalist, prepper or simply be prepared for long term power outages. The "Lectric Lee" can be de themed by flipping the bed panels. I can de theme or repaint permanent for the new owner for small fee.

    Taylor Dunn industrial cart/solar generator | eBay

    Solar specs
    1440 watts of solar. 8 180 watt solar panels in series ,charges even in low light, shade. two of which can be removed easily while cart is mobile..
    60 amp MPPT solar controller
    Aims 36v input, 120v output 5000 watt continuous ,10,000 surge inverter
    6 trojan t105's new this year.
    Charges at around 35 amps in full, peak sun.

    Cart specs
    36v system (new batteries this year)
    18 amp 120v charger for sunless days.
    2000 carrying capacity, 5000 towing. Has standard tow hitch welded on.
    10 mph on batteries alone. around 11-12 in peak sun
    range of around 30 miles under peak sun, 20 on batteries alone.
    Aftermarket skid steer tires 18x8.5 brand new

    hammock, , red lounge cushions for the pickup bed (two ways to nap!!!!) , stripper pole, 6 point misting system powered by backpack garden sprayer , two 12v fans, two led headlights, rear tail light. Cargo carrier on hitch not included.
    Can deliver up to 500 miles from my location for added fee.
    Cart in action


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