Tool To Lift Back of Golf Cart

Discussion in 'The Toolbox' started by allis, Oct 16, 2012.

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    I had a EZGO technician visit my shop to do a engine replacement and he had a tool that was placed under the rear bumper with a long handle and when he pulled back the golf cart would lift off the ground about 6 inches. I am wanting to buy one or get some idea how to make it. I wished I had taken some photos. He said EZGO banned the use of them but he still had his. I am unable to locate the tech, any help would be appreciated. Allis
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    i remember a roll back lift deal for car a while back, seems JC Whitney sold them :twocents:
  3. allis

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    Thanks for I will check it out, I work at a golf course for my retired job and it would be nice to change tires and oil. allis :usa:
  4. JRay

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    Trailer places sell them for changing tires. cabelas web site has that for boat trailers. If that is what you are looking for. :hattip:
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    I have something they use in hospitals to lift people out of bed its a small lift i use it to take out motors lift batterys I also lift the front end of cart all most stand it on its end Very handy I have a bad back best money i have spent. Hope this helps Merry Christmas to all L J :usa: :thumbsup:
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    I made a frame for a ATV floor lift that fits the frame of my cart so I can lift the cart and slide jack stands in to hold the cart up
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