TrailTech Endurance II nylon mounting bracket $29

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    I just finished this design, ordered a sample and installed my Endurance II on the cart I just finished rebuilding. Installs with 2-2.5" screws or bolts. I used 2" drywall screws as a quick mount since it was being stuck onto the cowl plastic near the dash. I can model and make available other versions if I have measurements to work with. Sample fitment would be done using my PLA 3D printer. Let me know if you're interested in a custom model or another nylon part.

    Here is the link to buy it from Shapeways. They will produce it in nylon (laser layered sintering) of the color of your choice. The core is white nylon with a finish layer in color. I do not think their nylon has a UV protection additive and have never tested their "strong and flexible" plastic as-is in the sun. I have used it for hood scoops and it survived being directly exposed to heat from a turbo charged v6.

    Mounting bracket for Trail Tech Endurance II by Ryengoth on Shapeways


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