Yamaha G16 Golf Cart Value

Discussion in 'Yamaha Driver's Club' started by slim67, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. slim67

    slim67 Member

    Good evening to all here at CAH. I am trying to find out value on Yamaha G16 gas golf carts for resale on CL. Locally I dont have anything to compare them to year wise or brand wise. Carts are in good condition for 1998s coming off a local course. Im thinking in the 1200-1500 range in the Spring. What do you guys think? Thanks
  2. pbillyi69

    pbillyi69 Cartaholic

    try it and see if you have any takers.....the condition they are in makes a big difference that might be a good price where do you live?
  3. HotRodCarts

    HotRodCarts Cartaholic

    If they're in good condition I would say $1500-$2000 range. New and used Golf Cart prices have gone up quite a bit. :twocents:
  4. slim67

    slim67 Member

    Thats no lie. Im shocked how much even the undesirable carts are being listed for. Anyways thats what I was thinking. I think the G16s are about equal to a TXT and a hair better than the DS if your going to lift them. Yamaha just doesnt seem to have the edge in sales though. Thanks Rod for your opinion.
  5. HotRodCarts

    HotRodCarts Cartaholic

    No problem you're welcome. Good luck with selling them. I'd start high on the prices and you can always come down. With spring right around the corner now is a good time for selling golf carts.

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